Odense Teater

About Odense Theatre

As early as 1796 Odense Teater was engaged in producing theatre on a professional basis.

In 1914 Odense Teater was established at the present location in Jernbanegade, in the centre of the native town of Hans Christian Andersen.

Being a theatre for the province of Funen Odense Teater is under an obligation to produce a comprehensive repertory consisting of Danish as well as foreign classics and contemporary plays, and consisting of performances for children and young people, musicals as well as dance performances.

Recently, the Royal Danish Ballet Academy has established a section of their school at Odense Teater.

Since August 2013 the artistic manager of Odense Teater has been Jens August Wille.



Store Scene
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Celebrations in Loenneberg 
The Elephant Man
Monty Pythons Spamalot

Our Class
The Shamer's Daughter 
A Fool set Free 

Overload - a requiem for the stressed people
Ordinary Days and Ecstasy 
Pains of Youth
Pool (no Water)


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